The Turin Humanities Programme is a new initiative intended to reinforce the role of the Humanities in general, and of the historical study of culture and society in particular, within present society. Its defining feature will be a series of research projects running over a period of two years each and devoted to broad historical topics of importance for our times. THP aims to be a laboratory where ideas of history and culture are debated.

Turin has a long and distinguished tradition of humanist and historical scholarship, associated with scholars like Arnaldo Momigliano, Giovanni Tabacco and Franco Venturi. The Biblioteca Nazionale houses a rich research collection and many archival resources are available through the Archivio di Stato and other research institutions.

THP will be an incubator of new ideas and interpretations. It will facilitate intellectual exchange across disciplines, across national traditions and especially across generational divides, by creating an infrastructure that will enable junior scholars to work on thematically interconnected research projects coordinated by senior scholars. Global in scope, THP will address an international constituency, with the purpose of establishing in Turin a focal point for rethinking the role and impact of the historical study of culture and society for our present world.

An international committee of Senior Fellows, in collaboration with Fondazione 1563, directs the Turin Humanities Programme, identifying topics for the research projects and selecting Directors of Studies and Junior Fellows.